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 Puneet Kumar Agarwal

Welcome to SAFE, where learning begins with intellectual curiosity and knowledge opens doors to the 21st Century, preparing students to think and work in a global economy. At SAFE, learning is a creative enterprises designed to encourage each student's independence, intellectual gifts and thirst for knowledge.
Our teachers teach from the heart in a caring environment that fosters a sense of adventure, collaboration and respect for others.

We hope your journey with us will change your life for the better. In a world of rapid advancement, we encourage students to greet ambiguity with optimism and opportunity with hope. more...

The mind never stops learning, and those willing to remain flexible and adaptive can expect a successful and productive life.
Each of our institutes is uniquely positioned to address the needs of community. We strive each day to be considerate of our students, efficient in our processes, and flexible in our services.
Through an ongoing cycle of growth and renewal, we infuse the curriculum with Vigor, stretch toward areas of diversity and change, and thus, build a new and exhilarating platform for learning. Astha foundation has always been in the forefront to cater to the needs of the Society and in turn the corporates. Taking into consideration the need of the industry, At SAFE, the students at all levels are not only given theoretical academic inputs but they are also given industry exposure.
The faculty shares our vision to be an inspiring presence in the lives of our students and to thoughtfully guide the Institutional Development. Our Nursing and Pharmacy Departments constantly offer new seminars and training programs based on student and business needs and requests. These programs are meant to learn new skills in their respective fields. We encourage you to explore and see for yourself how can we bring out the genius in you.
Together we will make SAFE a place where hope is not just a dream, but a fulfillment of dreams.
It is our Endeavour to create successful leaders for tomorrow without losing sight of the Indian culture.
Wish you all the best.
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  1. Seminar on HR policies in recruitment of healthcare professionals on 15/10/2012.

  2. Seminar of various industrial experts, scheduled on every alternate saturday.

  3. English training and personality development classes scheduled (by reknowned experts in the field on every alternate day for pharmacy and nursing students)