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Teaching faculty for all the Nursing Programme Name of Teaching faculty Designation Qualification Teaching Experience
B.Sc(N) M.Sc(N)
1 Mrs. Padma K Singh Principal /Head of the Institution GNM PG in Public Health Nurse PCBSC Nursing M.Sc Nursing Pediatric Clinical 06 Yrs Teaching 20 Yrs 6 Yrs 5 months
2 Ms Sweta Nitin Bhoskar Associate Professor B.Sc.(Nursing )M .Sc.(N), Psychiatric Nsg. Clinical 5.5 Years Teaching 5 Yrs
3 Ms. Prachi Awasthi Assistant professor B.Sc.(Nursing)M .Sc.(N), OBG Teaching 1Year 10months Teaching 4 Yrs
4 Mr. Shijo Varghese M.Sc. Tutor B.Sc.(Nursing)M .Sc.(N), Psychiatric Nsg. 1 Years 2 Years
5 Mr. Avadesh Sharma M.Sc. Tutor B.Sc. (Nursing), M. Sc. nursing, Community Health Nursing 1Year 8months
6 Mr. Aghosh P M.Sc. Tutor B.Sc. (Nursing), M. Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing 3 Years  
7 Mr. Melvin Cyriac M.Sc. Tutor B.Sc. (Nursing), M. Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing    
8 Mrs C.N.Singore Tutor SSLC GNM,PG Nsg. Edu. 38 Years -
9 Ms Supriya Satankar Tutor B.Sc.(Nursing ) 3 Years -
10 Mrs. Priyanka Vyas Tutor B.Sc. (Nursing) 2 Year -
11 Mr. Sumanth Tutor B.Sc. (Nursing) 2 Year -
  1. Seminar on HR policies in recruitment of healthcare professionals on 15/10/2012.

  2. Seminar of various industrial experts, scheduled on every alternate saturday.

  3. English training and personality development classes scheduled (by reknowned experts in the field on every alternate day for pharmacy and nursing students)